Your insider in the Security Business Providing Professional Solutions and True Protection
Your insider in the Security Business Providing Professional Solutions and True Protection

Mission and Values

Mission Statement
We use our experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of Security and Private Investigations to develop, implement and install effective solutions that protect the homes, families and assets of our clients and the properties, inventory and employees of local businesses; while striving for excellence in service and value.

Core Values 

AttitudePositive attitude makes the difference in our daily lives at work and home. We take responsibility for our choice to have a positive attitude, even when tested or under pressure, because we know that our good attitude affects our results and those of us we work for and with. We choose to be positive.

Accountability We believe that being accountable for our decisions, choices, actions and results is important. We take responsibility for outcomes, whether positive or challenging innature, so that we may affect positive change in the work we do, maintain our integrity and build trust.

Honesty We believe in a straightforward, honest approach with one another, our partners and our clients. We resist the tendency to take the easy route, cut corners or accept sub-par work. In short, we bolster our reputation for excellence by doing the right things for the right reasons.

Trust We believe that trust is paramount, particularly in our business. We will build trust one step at a time, through our processes, products, decisions, results and actions. We believe that doing what is right, even when no one else is looking, will build a foundation of lasting trust.

Service We believe in serving our team members, customers and the community by having a positive attitude, being accountable and honest while inspiring trust in our ability to deliver on our commitments.  We believe in providing value by enhancing the safety, security and confidence of those we serve.  We also believe in giving back as a means of serving our community.

Mailing Address:

Security Consult, Inc.
P.O. Box 12611
Charlotte, NC 28220

Phone: 704.531.8399

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