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Experts: Thieves know where to find your hidden spare key
Ty Chandler , WCNC
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you hide a spare key under a mat or a rock, your hiding place may not be a big secret to crooks.
Wesley Heights residents received an alert that thieves may be taking hidden keys to get into their homes. 
"It is really pretty simple to look and find the key.  it is easy for the homeowner, but it's also easy for the thieves," said Julius Ulanday of Security Consultants. "Don't waste time locking your door and putting a dead bolt and doing all this stuff to your door, if you are just going to leave the key outside."
Ulanday installs security systems. He says if you need to leave a spare key for someone, there are many options that won't put you between a rock and a hard place.
"A lot of realtors use this, is basically a lock box key," he said.
Ulanday says you can hang a lock box on your door knob or a banister. You can also mount one on your property permanently.
"You can put in a four-digit code and issue it to up to 100 people," he said. "Hopefully you don't have 100 people with access to your house.
Ulanday said it would cost about $20 and is difficult for a thief to break. He also recommends keyless entry locks. You can give your friends or family a code. or unlock yourself using an app. These locks are sold at big box stores and can be a DIY project or you can have it installed professionally.
Ulanday also recommends a video doorbell. It rings to your cell phone and snaps an image of the person at the door. This can come in handy because believe it or not, most burglars knock first.
"Much safer than a rock for sure," he said.
Home break-ins are down 15 percent this quarter but CMPD is also encouraging residents not to hide keys outdoors. 
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Company steps in after Get McGinty story

WCNC 6:44 AM. EST March 04, 2016

IRON STATION, N.C. -- Last week we aired a story about a man in Lincoln County who had to listen to his security system beeping, every minute, sometimes in the middle of the night. To say he was ticked off is an understatement.

“Very annoying,” says Dennis Bartholomew.

Dennis tells me it started about six months ago. When he called the numbers of his old security system company he learned they had been bought out by a company called “Protection One”.  So he asked if they would come out and service it and remove whatever code was in there that isn’t allowing him to shut it off.

Dennis says, "Protection One was telling me that the fact that I’m no longer a client of theirs, they can’t send a technician out to take the code out that they had installed.”

"But they’d be happy to if you became a client?” we asked.

"Oh yes, exactly, for $34.99 a month with a three-year contract. Or the other option they gave me was replacing my four keypads.”

A Protection One PR rep told NBC Charlotte that the company did not have the codes to fix the system.  Dennis’ system was put in 16 years ago by a different company and has since been acquired by Protection One.

UPDATE: After our story aired, we received an email from a local security company called Security Consult saying they could fix this-- with no contract, and at no charge!

Julius Ulandy from Security Consult emailed me saying he could silence the beep. We helped make the introduction and wa-la! So, what it a complicated fix?

“Not at all, probably took us two minutes," Julius laughed.. (laughs*)”

Julius was happy to provide the service, especially since he had once worked for the original company that put the system in the house. Good customer service and a good deed.

Dennis is thrilled saying, “They put in a few codes, pressed a few buttons, and we were good to go, silence is golden!”

That’s good to hear, or in this case, not hear!


CHARLOTTE, NC -- Police are working to find out if a suspected thief is responsible for more crimes throughout the city.

Ink Floyd caught a man on camera cutting down their business sign on a busy NoDa street early Friday morning.

The suspect doesn't even notice the camera inches from his face as he steals the sign. He gives a clear shot of his face before realizing what he's done and moving the camera toward the ground.
The owner of the business, Dave Collier, says he just had Security Consult install the cameras outside his business. He was relieved to know the thief was so bold as to not cover his face.
"It always feels like a violation. I think everybody's had something like this happen," said Collier. "It's just a community. You don't want to think of anybody doing that and just kind of thinking they can get away with it. I mean, the same kind of people are breaking into cars."
Police won't reveal too much information. Online, several people say they know the man in the surveillance pictures.
If you recognize the suspect, call Crime Stoppers.

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